In January of 2015 I opened the doors to Billy Ritter 77.

Located in Hectic Studio, in the historic Hildebrandt Building, in the Clark Fulton neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio.

At the Hildebrandt studio I craft one-of-a-kind functional ceramics and sculptural vessels for the great people of this world.  

In addition to my work, I offer: one-on-one instruction, consulting, couples workshops, and an internship program. Find out what I’m up to in the studio everyday on Instagram @billyritter77


My editions of studio works are small and always evolving. This divergence lends itself to collectibility, keeps the work fresh and new, and assures that you have something truly unique on your table. Aside from my one-off studio works, I do wholesale large orders as well.

Each piece is crafted by me from start to finish. The wares are hand built and altered or thrown using a potters wheel. My glazes are mixed from tried and true recipes, and fired using the process of gas and wood fired reduction and oxidation kiln environments. 


I encourage you to visit the studio where I am always happy to give tours, answer questions, and sell my finished works in our studio showroom.

In addition to my studio craft I offer one-on-one instruction for aspiring people in the community, as I feel dedicated to enriching the lives of others through the education of experience and process; as well as the empowerment of knowledge and, the spirit of fun.

Message me on the contact page to arrange your visit today.